Friday, April 24, 2015

The Dawn of a New Generation - Gen Z!?

Demographers are just now starting to declare the dawn of a new Generation.  It looks like they will be called Generation Z and they join the 4 other active Generations:
  • Traditionalists - Born pre 1945 40 or so Million U.S. population current ages - 70+
  • Boomers - Born 1946 to 1964 76 Million U.S. population, current ages 51 to 69
  • Gen X - Born 1965 to 1979 55 Million U.S. population current ages 37 to 50
  • Gen Y (Millennials) Born 1980 to 1994 U.S population 66 million current ages 21 to 36
  • Gen Z Born 1995 to 2009 U.S. population 61+ million current ages 6 to 20
Of course the actual divisions for Gen X, Y and Z are a bit subjective and many demographers debate the actual division years.  But this gives you a picture of their presence in the population and the age ranges they are currently living in.   

We are just starting to see what drives Generation Z.  They clearly grew up in a completely digital age and can tour the world on their phones, tablets and laptops with ease.  Since the Boomers grew up in a world of Jet Travel, Mass Communication with both Audio and Video, a world wide telephone system and the evolution of the car - we have seen advances on all these key communication points with every generation since.  

Take a look at some of the early traits and facts about Generation Z that sets them apart (click image to expand): 

There is a lot to take in with this graphic, but you can see a generation that lives in a very digital world.  Yes, radio has it's work cut out for itself to keep this Generation listening.  

If you'd like to catch some more in depth views on Generation Z check out this recent NY Times Article.  

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