Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 The Trends Ahead in Radio

Looking into 2013 you can spot 6 trends that will likely impact our media in the coming year:

  1. Social Media - Over the last 3-4 years Social Media has become the new norm when it comes to interaction.  It's a complex web but it's also very extensive in it's reach and evolving at light speed.   Most radio brands have set up shop on FB and Twitter but we are a long ways from developing effective strategies and content to engage, entertain and impact the audience here.  Like just about every brand in the world we have a lot to learn and 2013 will have to be a break out year.
  2. Metrics- The new 'Nielsen World' comes to radio with the purchase of Arbitron.  While any change in our ratings would make an impact on our products this will be a complete revolution.  If you thought  PPM was a big wave this will likely make it look like a ripple.  The integration of all media, from the web to PPM data with data pouring in on reach, exposure, engagement and the potential to measure the impact will change our view of success and also the view of marketers using any medium.  Radio will have to be more creative and engaging to our audience to stand out on this stage.  
  3. Digital Dollars- We all realize that growth in our revenue will have to come from integrating multiple platforms for our brands - just selling 30 second spots is not a growth plan anymore.  While it may seem like we are chasing digital dimes instead of analog dollars the new digital world is growing quickly.  We have a huge reach and also a local platform with brands that already have a fan base here.  Radio can emerge as a pivotal media but only if we can integrate and weave ourselves into the digital world.  We will have to catch up on developing more integration into the smart phone world, the new challenge of the digital car dashboard, and keep expanding on the web as more and more new platforms become commonplace.
  4. On Air -The world here has been in a revolution for the last 15 years or more.  The march of using new technology has given us options to change the way we build the brand and product that offer amazing potential.  On one hand today's personalities and programmers have a huge tool kit and pallet to paint on.  On the other hand we don't need 8 personalities living in a studio loading up carts and CDs anymore.  We have some personalities clinging to the past and living in the studio while others are reaching out to their fans, communities and advertisers fully applying their talent with the tech potential. You can see the ones that will have an impact. Embrace the future and don't live in the past and you'll be a star. 
  5. Music and Radio-The music biz is improving.  Artists and the industry is learning to live in the digital world and radio's role is also becoming more important.  Both will benefit - so let's have fun together again.  
  6. PR - Telling Our Story- 'Making radio hip again' is not just Bob Pittman's mantra - we all have to learn to tell the story.  Being an integral player in the digital and mobile world is the key to showing off the creativity and talent we have.  Offering advertisers a pallet of distribution and creativity within and around our brands is the key to growing our real success in revenue.  We can't dwell in the past we have to embrace the future if the PR is going to change here.  
There is so much opportunity and potential ahead.  We should all be pumped up and ready to charge into 2013. Thankfully the economy is improving and marketing brands has never been more important.  Yes, it will be challenging - but it will also be exciting, creative and demand our best.  Happy New Year.   

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