Thursday, April 2, 2015

Keeping A Two Way Conversation With The Audience

Is your presence "just a nice voice on the station that hits all the positioning, surveillance, billboards and station liners?"  Or are you a personality that cuts through right to the audience and engages them with you, and the station?  Obviously, we know that the latter option here is the one that pays off and brings a lot more listeners to the party.   But, making that leap from 'just a voice on the station' to an 'engaging personalty' is a big step and one that many people never pull off.

When you hear a team, or an on air performer, that's bringing it on this level there is one key that nearly always stands out.  The team or personality is really having a CONVERSATION with the audience.  It's not a speech or a presentation, it's an interactive conversation.  It may be a conversation with their on-air partner about a topic or event, but the ones who really execute this content well are the ones that are making it a real 3 way conversation with the audience included.  They refer to them as if they were there in the room.  They use them a lot on the phone to fully join in.  They plan the break to include an audience POV into the conversation.

Instead of thinking of you and your partner, or just you on the air, as talking into the mics with the meters jumping in the studio- think of something more like this picture.

A small group or people engaging in a conversation.  It may be a very simple idea and one that may also seem very obvious, but listen to all the breaks you hear that are just about announcing - not about having a conversation.

Even if you only have 20 seconds till the PPM meter time bomb goes off with the audience, you still have enough time for a well planned quick conversation.   

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