Friday, March 21, 2014

Your Brand's Social Media Point of View

One of the real BASIC building blocks in building a great radio station is to, of course, build a brand.  We usually start mixing the ingredients; music mix, personality interaction, logo, positioning, benchmarks, and the overall attitude or packaging of the product.  All of these pieces have to fit together.  

We wouldn't suddenly whip out a Metallica song on a Country station nor would we be eager to blend in a Carrie Underwood tune on a rock station.  Our personalities also have to follow the brand and stay focused on the target audience in their on air style, content and language.   All programmers have these basic building blocks at the core of their on-air products and their presentation to the audience.  

The question here is 'does your Social Media content and presence follow your format?'  It may or it may not but we all know that to get that Social Media POV in line with the Brand you will need to have a structure and a plan.   Much like we have our clocks, positioning statements, and the POV of our air staff all carefully orchestrated to support and build the brand for the target audience - do we have the same structure, parameters, and understanding built into our Social Media presence?  

When you look at various stations and their Social Media presence you often see a lot of potential for concerns in matching the brand and it's Social Media POV.   Sometimes the people posting are just pulling in anything that looks like fun.  Other times you can sense confusion and not much being posted at all.  Still other times it seems to be focused on promotions, client events, or recycling programming and ignoring the audience real interests.  

The key here is to build a Format for Social Media.  First make sure the posting team knows who the audience really is on your Social Media world.  What is their lifestyle, entertainment, activities, and how do they live.  Take a look at the pages of some of your fans - you can see a lot of what they are into with just a few clicks.  Also build a solid plan that outlines the types of content that will engage them, how often to post, and also look at 'formating the posts.'   How loose or formal do you want to be in the language, how and when should you use photos/links/videos, and also how should you interact with them in comments.  

Just like we fret over where we should put our 'A' records in the hour we should also be looking at our Social Media interaction with the same strategic and brand building systems and thoughts we put into the on-air product.   

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