Monday, October 28, 2013

Endorsements On A Whole New Level!!

Next time you or one of your personalities is approached for an endorsement don't just take the product or service and just ramble on - go the extra mile.   The new Ron Burgundy campaign for the new Durango should serve as some inspiration.  

Ron goes all out and completely in character for this assignment.  He also does over 65 versions of the campaign with many destined for Social Media and You Tube exclusive placement.  The spots also serve as a great promo for what will likely be The Movie Of The Year in December.  Will goes the extra mile and these full on character spots get your attention.

We are seeing more clients jump into endorsements and live spots.  It may sound like a simple - easy concept but to make them really work you have to get creative.  Next time you set out to build an endorsement make sure your creative mojo is turned up all the way.  

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