Monday, January 17, 2011

Ideas for Your Fan Page Part 1

The Basics:  Some very simple points that many Facebook Fan pages seem to ignore:

  • The Address - How do I find your page?  The addresses are often a bit hard to figure out. Especially when you have a brand like 'Kiss' where there are many of them out there.  Try to get a memorable address and also PROMOTE IT A TON ON THE AIR as well as on the web site.   
  • Logo - The problem here is that your logo is really a 3X4 picture format on the top of the page and then in all your posts it ends up being cropped to a square format.  The trick here is to get your logo to fit in both formats.  
  • Pics - Make them fun, interesting and current. Of often the pics don't look that inviting in radio pages. 
  • Link your Stream - Let them dial you up from the fan page with a link.  There are a few stations that have developed Apps for facebook so you can invite the audience to link up their friends from their pages.  Surprised we only see the big internet only streamers using this for the most part.  
  • Keep the Posts coming - You should have a status for every day and the air staff should have something on Facebook for every shift.  If you have a hot topic or big developments you can move to hourly contributions from the studio, but watch having a lot more than that.  The key is making it interesting- too many entries just to have entries and too many 'commercials' will hurt.  
The key to making the Wall happen is to set up a real team here that is all on the same page for the Wall  Think of it as if you just let the jocks play whatever - you'd probably end up with less focus and a real confusing product.  The same for the Wall - make sure everyone is together on the guideline for posts and that  you have a method to the madness.   Later in the week we'll look at more ideas including tab tools in Facebook you can add to get the facebookers more involved on your site.   

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